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The Christian’s YES Manifesto


The answer is yes.
Yes, following Christ will be costly.
Yes, it will be risky.
Yes, there will be sweetness.
Yes, there will be suffering.
Yes, other people won’t understand it.
Yes, sometimes you won’t either.
Yes, there will be doubt.
Yes, there will be times when God feels far away.
Yes, you will feel like He’s leading you to a place you know not where.
Yes, you will feel unqualified.
The answer is yes for all these things.
But yes is also the answer to all these questions too:
Does God deliver you from the depressing bondage of fatal comparing? Yes.
Is Christ more satisfying than anything in the world? Yes.
Is it better to lose your life than to waste it following lesser things? Yes.
Do little things like talking impatiently to your spouse matter? Yes.
Can we have both our supreme happiness and his supreme glory? Yes.
If you don’t follow Christ will you regret it? Yes.
Is God’s grace more powerful than my deepest, darkest, repetitive sin? Yes.
Will he give me power to serve him? Yes.
Is the Bible truer than life? Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
If you’re going to chase after Christ, get read to say that little word a whole lot.
Get ready to say yes to him who said yes to the cross for you.
Because for those who dare to say yes not only become like him but get to know him both now and forevermore!

*Inspired by Jon Acuff’s yes manifesto regarding our dreams. I tweaked it with a focus on our relationship with God.

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